Intelligent charging for heavy vehicles

Fast charging
for heavy vehicles

Powering heavy electric vehicles
across Norway

First site: Alnabru, Oslo

We have negotiated multiple state-of-the-art fast and smart charging stations
that we build and operate

Fastcharge is setting up to be the leading operator of independent charging stations for heavy vehicles (trucks and buses) in Norway. We believe that enabling electric interregional transport accelerates our shift to a greener economy. Our mission is effectively and economically powering heavy electric vehicles to link all goods and people between cities and regions.

“There’s no question that we are nearing the point where infrastructure is going to become the barrier and the impediment to electric truck adoption.“

Britta Gross, Managing Director of the Carbon Free Mobility Program at RMI

“Oslo Municipality grants 25 million NOK for fast chargers for trucks.”

The Climate Agency in Oslo

Fastcharge was awarded for the Alnabru site in Oslo.

Fastcharge is awarded a grant for “Exploiting data of heavy-duty and electrical heavy-duty vehicles (HDEVʼs) and associated ecosystem to accelerate zero-emission society” in cooperation with

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Charging set-up

Our chargers and plugs will be compatible with all makes of trucks and buses delivered to the Nordic markets. Using smart digital control systems, our charging cycle will be adapted to client vehicles’ best performance and battery preservation standards.
We have selected best-in-class hardware and software solutions to honour this commitment and provide industry-leading services.


To address the market needs we have identified and concluded on contracts for key locations across Southern Norway that meet optimal requirements with respect to transport routes, grid access, local government collaboration, and charging distance between stations.

All Fastcharge stations are being designed to optimise sustainable practices, and to fast charge both vehicles and drivers. We will serve twin markets, both regional and long-haul trucks and buses wishing to extend their range.

To enhance sustainability, each station will be fitted with solar energy where it is permitted. And wherever grid support is needed, advanced battery systems will bridge the gap.

Charging is avaiable at variable speeds serving individual vehicle compatibility, available up to 350kW.

We are exploring what amenities and services we can supply, which may differ on a station by station basis.

We are implementing a platform which will optimize driver efficiency by providing a range of services making life easier for drivers as well as back-office.

Stations will support e-invoicing when vehicles are pre-registered. Other supported payment methods will be via mobile app, payment card or VIPPS.


About us

The dream for comes from a team earning more than a quarter century of experience across all the diverse disciplines required to make fast charging come to life.

Considering the inevitable growth of electric transport and the lack of appropriate charging stations anywhere in Europe until late-2021, we perceived an imminent need for fast charging platform across Norway. Our ambition is to serve local, regional and long-distance heavy electric transport vehicles.

Our driving ambitions was – and remains – to provide fast charging with premium services to drivers and logistics companies.

The Team

The Fastcharge team is a diverse group of Norwegian, Finnish and American executives and entrepreneurs with multiple decades of experience with both startups and growth companies.

Our backgrounds include telecommunications, data management, renewable energy, and over the last few years, the design and construction of charging stations for heavy electric vehicles.


The Fastcharge team has partnered with Obligo Investment Management and Hafslund Vekst, two Scandinavian sustainability-centric infrastructure investment funds, to finance the company’s expansion of charging stations across Norway.

As of launch 2023, the team is now racing to build its first station located in Oslo.

Digital HUB

Fastcharge is working to improve both the working day for the driver, and the back office supporting the transport of goods and people. By seamlessly integrating charger and vehicle communications, the driver can take a break without any direct interaction. All vehicle recharging is enabled automatically. The back office gets a digital transfer of all relevant vehicle information and billing data. This platform has been designed for easy upgrades as ‘smart logistics’ services continue to evolve.

As a bonus, Fastcharge is also working on developing sevices that will offer drivers the ability to stay safe, healthy and focused while driving.

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